As the largest market in the country, Ontario offers both franchisors and franchisees some outstanding opportunities. But with the opportunity comes the task of complying with a regulated franchise industry that is far more demanding than most other markets.

Our Services

Our team’s comprehensive understanding of the Arthur Wishart Franchise Disclosure Act 2000 has enabled us to assist out of province franchisors to effectively establish their presence in Ontario and to help many successful Ontario businesses on their way to creating and selling their first franchises.

Services for franchisors

  • Consultation on preparing the business for franchising and system start-up
  • Preparation of the franchise disclosure documentation, franchise agreement and other related agreements
  • Sales and purchase agreements for the franchise and conducting due diligence on the franchisee
  • Legislative compliance
  • Franchise dispute resolution

We have also helped many business people contemplating an investment in a franchise navigate the complex process. If you are considering becoming a franchisee, our team can help ensure your investment is sound.

Services for franchisees

  • Review, advise and negotiate on your behalf the details of the franchise and other related agreements
  • Advise on the purchase and sale agreement
  • Franchise dispute resolution
  • Franchisee association representation
  • Legislative compliance

If you are exploring franchise opportunities in Ontario a member of our franchise team would be pleased to help.

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