Adoption & Surrogacy

Whether you’re a potential birth parent or a potential adoptive parent, the expert guidance of an adoption professional during the adoption process cannot be underscored enough.

International Adoption

Paul Conlin is licensed under the Child and Family Services Act to place children for adoption. He is experienced in ensuring all the legal requirements of the adoption process are met.  Paul has terms for international adoption from Algeria and Lebanon. Please note that you must be a national to be able to adopt a child from either Algeria or Lebanon.

Inter-Provincial Adoption

Paul also has terms on his license to complete domestic adoptions of children born outside the province of Ontario. At present, his terms include Nunavut, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Manitoba.

Birth Parents

We understand and respect the difficult decision you have made to pursue adoption as the best option for your child. We will provide you with counselling and support, ensuring that you fully understand the process from start to finish.

We have a large selection of families and single applicants looking to adopt. We can provide profiles to assist you with selecting the family that is right for your child. We can arrange a meeting with your potential choice and fashion an agreement providing the amount of openness you and your chosen family agree to, all in keeping with the child’s best interests.

Stepparent Adoption and Relative Adoption

If the circumstances are right and you wish to pursue the adoption of your spouse or common law partner’s child, we can help. We are experienced in determining whether a court will dispense with the consent of a non-involved parent of the child.

If you are a child’s grandparent, great uncle, great aunt, uncle or aunt, whether biologically or through marriage, and wish to adopt the child, we can assist with this as well.

Surrogacy and Fertility Issues

Many couples unable to conceive children opt for in vitro fertilization to start or augment their families. We have experience with both traditional and gestational surrogacy, as well as sperm donor fertilization. We are familiar with the Assisted Human Reproduction Act and of the limitations imposed therein. We can assist you with your surrogacy or donor arrangement and completing the appropriate legal procedures to ensure the child becomes part of your family.

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